Could you make this with high quality canned tomatoes?

Salmorejo Cordobés
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linzarella July 13, 2018
I ended up making this with canned san marzano tomatoes that I usually keep on hand for tomato sauce (the heirloom tomatoes I bought from whole foods were awful so I needed a back up!). It came out FANTASTIC. I'm sure it's even better with fresh, height of the season tomatoes, but that shouldn't stop anyone from making it who doesn't have them. It was really so, so good even with canned tomatoes.
Lindsay-Jean H. July 14, 2018
Oh wonderful, so happy to hear it was a hit! Thanks for reporting back!
702551 July 13, 2018
The answer to this one is "it depends on your taste."

For sure, it will be edible.

That said, I have never been satisfied by a dish made with canned tomatoes that was originally intended to be made with fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes at the height of the tomato season.

Sure, if the raw tomatoes are to be cooked, it far easier to replicate the same result with canned tomatoes (which are cooked), but I find that canned tomatoes always have that cooked flavor. Often, there is often a tinny canned note that can be reduced by cooking the canned tomatoes.

In summary, I don't try to replace fresh in-season tomatoes in a dish meant to serve raw (uncooked) tomatoes with canned tomatoes. I'll use canned tomatoes when the dish specifically calls for the tomatoes to be cooked.

But that's just me...

The real answer is for you to make the dish with canned tomatoes and see how much you like it.

Best of luck.
Lindsay-Jean H. July 13, 2018
When it's not tomato season, I certainly think it'd be worth giving it a go!
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