does anybody know how to package a fresh goji berries for shipping?



Ttrockwood July 13, 2018
I would use a box inside of the shipping box cushioned with crumbled newspaper around it. In the box of berries lay one layer bubbly wrap or crumpled newspaper and then the berries and continue for several layers finishing with the paper or bubble wrap on top.
Most importantly would be to use the fastest way possible to ship, i do not think they would survive more than one or maybe two days transit time.
As already mentioned be sure to check it is legal
1proudMommyof8 July 15, 2018
Thank you😊
Smaug July 12, 2018
I don't really have any experience here, but I do know there are some very strict rules about moving agricultural products, especially interstate. Some very serious agricultural pests have been able to travel this way, and states (and countries) that depend on agriculture have extensive rules.
1proudMommyof8 July 15, 2018
Thank you😊
Lori T. July 12, 2018
Goji berries are pretty tender things to try to ship. A lot depends on how long they will be in transit, and the relative temperatures they'd be exposed to. At best you would have to ship them in some sort of cold packaging, and mark them as delicate. But that's putting a lot of faith in the delivery system. For my money, I'd send dried berries. It beats taking the chance your recipient will get a moldy package of mush.
1proudMommyof8 July 15, 2018
Thank you😊
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