Subbing frozen berries for fresh

I realize this is a bizarre question to ask in the middle of summer, but if a recipe calls for say, 6 oz of fresh berries, what weight of frozen berries should I use? In terms of volume, I have generally just used one cup frozen for one cup fresh, with no problems, but I don't know if weight is different for some reason. I suppose it shouldn't be, but is there some reason you'd somehow "attract" liquid in the freezer, which would skew the weight upward? Does this make any sense



phyllis July 8, 2011
No difference. You may need to compensate for the extra liquid, depending on what you're cooking/baking.
mrslarkin July 8, 2011
i agree with hla. no difference in fresh v. frozen.
sarabclever July 8, 2011
That makes sense. Good, I don't have to do any math!
hardlikearmour July 8, 2011
I just do a 1 to 1 substitution. Frozen berries release juice more easily because the ice crystals puncture their cell membranes, but I don't think they attract extra water in the freezer.
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