Substitute for dark brown sugar ?

I'm just about to bake a courgette cake and found the cupboard empty of soft dark (or light) brown sugar ... Wondered if I can substitute half and half white sugar and molasses for instance ? Or any other ingredients that would give both colour and moistness to the finished cake ?

Thanks in advance !

  • Posted by: joanna
  • August 10, 2022


Nancy August 10, 2022
Yes to white sugar and molasses, but not half and half proportions.
My reliable food substitution bible recommends 1c white sugar and 2-3 tbsp molasses, for sweetness, texture and moisture.
I think with the half and half, the case might be soggy rather than baked through.
joanna August 10, 2022
Thanks Nancy !

The substitution bible sounds interesting, I'm always cooking off the cuff and finding I've run out of various ingredients 😀... Who is it by/where can I find it ?
Nancy August 10, 2022
Joanna - here's a's a very useful book, mostly composed of individual food entries, with about 15 pages at the back of charts about foods with many variations (flours, pan sizes, salts, mushrooms, beans, etc).
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