Would 24 hours be to long of a marinade?

Jacob Crim
Spicy Shrimp
Recipe question for: Spicy Shrimp


Ttrockwood July 22, 2018
I wouldn’t, the marinade may affect the texture of the shrimp after so long. An hour or so is fine
702551 July 21, 2018
My approach would be the opposite: to decrease the marinading time rather than increase it.

Shrimp are already plenty flavorful, so much so that I often prefer cooking them with very little seasoning (salt, pepper, maybe a little citrus juice), especially if I am grilling them.

Now if you like your seafood masked in sauces and flavorings, go for it. After twenty four hours, the marinade might be the dominant flavor.

Personally, I never buy shrimp with the deliberate intent to mask its flavor.

But to each his own. Just do what you feel will please your own palate and those of your dinner guests.

Best of luck.
Jacob C. July 21, 2018
Thank you. Less time would be helpful. I was going to make this before traveling, and keep it in a cooler. I feel like I can do it when I arrive now.
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