how to have a strong coconut flavor in slushies

hello! i want to know how to have a good, strong coconut flavor in the slushie that i want to make. the only coconut thing i have is dry, unsweetened coconut shreds, and i doubt that that will provide the coconut flavor i'm looking for, so what should i put in to make the slushie have a strong coconut flavor? should i use some sort of coconut extract? how much? any help would be great! (also, if this is important, the slushie i'll be making will have atleast 3 different types fruit in it, and obviously, ice, and also i am making it in the blender.)

Jubal Cimburke


nancy E. July 29, 2018
Buy coconut cream in a bar supply store or a good grocers. They use it for pinacoladas and gives a great coconut punch
Ttrockwood July 27, 2018
A flavored syrup or extract will work. As for quantity if your slushie is to be one serving then use one serving size of the syrup/extract and then taste it to see if you want more.
BerryBaby July 26, 2018
I use flavored syrups by Monin (online) or Torani (in stores).
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