Pot Luck Food Safety

Went to a pot luck outdoor party this weekend. The temperature outside was 98 degrees. I was shocked at what people brought and had no regard for keeping the food safe. Not one had anything on ice. Cheese and cold cuts shriveled in minutes, pooling oil. Fruit salads can form listeria if not kept cold especially cantaloupe. Salads made with mayo...I ate nothing. I may have been a cop out but I brought a tub of red licorice (which, surprisingly was a huge hit) and a big bowl of assorted individual snack bags of chips.
Please, give food safety some thought when the temperatures rise. Everyone will thank you! BB🌷



delbor July 26, 2018
Mayo is actually quite resistant to bacterial growth due to acidity. Things like eggs or potatoes are more of a problem
BerryBaby July 26, 2018
Hadn't heard that but I wouldn't chance it. Everything was melting and none of it looked safe to eat without consequences.
ChefJune July 26, 2018
Likely one got sick, but you are correct to be concerned. There are so many dishes one can choose to bring to a party of this kind that will not put anyone at risk.
Clearly mayonnaise dressed dishes are not a good idea, unless kept on ice.

Smaug July 26, 2018
The degree to which we depend on a multitude of others all along the food change to be responsible as far as food safety is rather terrifying- I generally find it preferable to think about puppy noses and pretty girls in the springtime.
Smaug July 26, 2018
all along the food chain- still waiting on that edit button
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