What can i do with all of these egg whites?

So i'm the midst of making my King Cakes for Fat Tuesday (Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!) and I'm left with a dozen egg whites. So other than the ubiquitous and boring egg white omelette, anything else i can do with them? And can I freeze them?

  • Posted by: saenyc
  • March 7, 2011


Angela @. March 8, 2011
I keep in the fridge and mix with whole eggs and scramble for a little extra protein and a few less calories. Also fold into some already cooked oatmeal and grill for a quick breakfast or snack.
ChefJune March 8, 2011
You sure can freeze them. Just be sure you label tie container so you know how many are in there.

Angel Food Cake calls for 13 egg whites, so add one more for another tasty dessert. Or you could opt for the very popular French macarons.
betteirene March 8, 2011
Angel food cake (good) frosted with Swiss meringue buttercream (bad, in an oh-so-good way)
latoscana March 7, 2011
As Sadassa_ulna suggests, angel food cake. When my mother was raising us in the mid-50s, it was standard to whip an egg yolk into baby's porridge each morning. Then, every week or so, moms made angel food cakes with all the whites.
FrancesRen March 7, 2011
Aside from throwing them in a fridge and make delicious dessert- keep a bit in the fridge and wash your face with it. Your pores will tighten and your skin will feel soft. :)
virgieandhats March 7, 2011
I second pavlova! It is a summer dessert, usually with berries, but a few weeks ago for a dinner party I made a winter version. On top of the giant meringue base I spread whipped cream with creme fraiche folded in, and then topped it with supremed orange segments and drizzled it with melted dark chocolate! You can have your pavlova (in winter) and eat it, too.
mainecook61 March 7, 2011
Put them in a pint container. Freeze. As you accumulate more whites, dump them on top of the frozen ones. (Make sure not a speck of yolk gets in there.) When the container is full, make an angel food cake (lemon and chocolate variations of same also nice).
Sadassa_Ulna March 7, 2011
Angel food cake (more cake...)
usuba D. March 7, 2011
Think Pavlova . . . .one of my most favorite Summer desserts.
susan G. March 7, 2011
They freeze well -- just portion them off before freezing.
Meringues? and there are cocoa variants.
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