Subbing egg whites for whole eggs

It's a long story, but I have leftover pasteurized egg whites in a carton.
I now need to make a cake--ideally red velvet cake-- and I am wondering if I can sub out the egg whites for the whole eggs in the recipe, weight for weight. The cake has oil in it, so it won't be lacking in fats. I'm just wondering if there is a serious downside to this sub.



HalfPint March 22, 2017
Only potential problem might be texture. Cakes with egg whites tend to be a bit on the dry side and not as tender as a cake with whole eggs. Here's a great tutorial on eggs,
and how each component of an egg affects baked goods.

Good luck!
Windischgirl March 23, 2017
HP, thanks for the link!
I used two more of the whites in cornbread tonight, and added a touch more oil than called for, and the texture was nicely moist inside. Will try this out!
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