Has anyone ever heard of "French artichokes"?

At the store today, they had both normal-looking artichokes I am familiar with (pictured left) and these other artichokes that just look like they're a couple of days closer to blooming. They were calling these "French Artichokes" (right). I'd never seen that before. Some cursory searching around google images doesn't raise anything called French Artichokes, and I'm wondering if you've ever heard that phrase, or seen these guys for sale.

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BerryBaby August 5, 2018
It resembles an Italian Romanesco artichoke.
Nancy August 4, 2018
Never seen or heard of this and have been buying & cooking artichokes for years. Sounds like a marketing gimmick on behalf of the grocery store.

PS Picture is small, so hard to tell, but the one on the right also looks like it might have been trimmed.
PhillipBrandon August 5, 2018
I didn't realize how poorly Hotline handled photos. The leaves are whole on their ends, and pretty clearly not trimmed. Hopefully you can see better here.

It would be quite a marketing gimmick for a Chilean grocery story to go out and genetically engineer their own artichoke cultivar. But I guess anything's possible?
Nancy August 5, 2018
Phillip -
Thanks for the better photo. Looks pretty normal in the larger close-up photo. But/and closer to blooming, as you said.
Maybe my first guess - a marketing ploy - was tough on the store. Didn't know they were Chilean. Maybe it's a convention of what they call that vegetable, perhaps to distinguish it as an imported cultivar.
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