Anyone have a hack for removing peach pits?

Our farmer's market has luscious peaches but they are definitely not freestone. I would like to serve them cut in half with the pit removed, but seem to always butcher the peach when I do this. They make great little desserts with a dollop of creme fraiche and a generous drizzle of honey.

Uncle Jess


ChefJune August 20, 2018
I start by using a sharp knife to cut the peach in half vertically using the line that is already there. Then I first try twisting the two halves in different directions. That usually loosens one side of the stone. A grapefruit spoon (serrated on the end) then helps dig the stone out of the other side without butchering it .
BerryBaby August 19, 2018
I use a thin, sharp knifearound the pit, then use a teaspoon (silverware not measuring) to ease it out.
Scott August 22, 2018
BerryBaby - do you cut "north to south" or "around the equator"? :-) (or does it matter)
Matt August 22, 2018
Cut around the meridian but don't cut the prime meridian. You risk cutting right through the pit of a ripe pear that way. It's tempting to just use the peach groove as a guide but you'll end up with a split peach with half the pit in each hemisphere.
BerryBaby August 23, 2018
I cut north to south however Matt has a good point. Sometimes the pits are split so you wouldn't want to cut through it.
Using gentle pressure, I would still use north to south. I think the pit comes out easier.
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