Peaches and cream dessert, recipe missing

I cannot find my recipe for peaches and cream dessert. I remember it had a pastry crust which had peaches laid on top then cream poured over it in 9x13 dish. I cannot remember if there was a sweetener added and temp of oven, also time to bake. Please help, I loved this dessert and miss not making it. Thank you

  • Posted by: Lindal
  • October 22, 2019


Nancy October 23, 2019
Lindal -
The attached recipe sounds similar to what you used to make, except for the size.
It is for a 9" pie plate, which is about half the volume of a 9x13"pan.
So if you want the 9x13 size, have double your ingredients on had and then use as much as you need...probably use all the crust, use the peaches and cream by eye.
Nancy October 23, 2019
Should read: have double your ingredients on hand
Lindal October 24, 2019
Dear Nancy, thank you so much for the recipe I am going to try it today. I will do the pie, the 9x13 was more for a group. Thank you again for helping me. Linda
Nancy October 24, 2019
Great! Glad to help.
By the way, if you can't get fresh peaches now where you are, I've found frozen ones a good replacement (more texture and less sugar than canned ones).
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