I have a LOT of leftover grilled butterflied leg of lamb (marinated in mint and rosemary and lillet - yum) - we made sandwiches day two - but now its day three and I am looking for something else - maybe something I could throw over pasta for the whole family? But any ideas would be welcome!

  • Posted by: wingirl
  • September 20, 2010


Bevi September 21, 2010
How about some lamb curry? That cubed marinated lamb would be great in a curry dish.
TiggyBee September 20, 2010
I think since it's going on day 3 that it'd be well suited to a soup. Lamb and barley or vegies.
akonsevick September 20, 2010
Cubing a bit of the lamb for kebabs may be nice, especially if the lamb's been marinated in mint and rosemary (mega yums!).
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