I'd like to make this, and then bring it to my mother's house for dessert. That requires a mostly non-air conditioned commute of approx. 1 hour. I...

...f I put it straight into the fridge when I get there, do you think it will still maintain it's shape and flavor

  • Posted by: Samantha
  • September 2, 2018
Banana Pudding Icebox Cake
Recipe question for: Banana Pudding Icebox Cake


BerryBaby September 2, 2018
Maybe in an insulated bag with an ice pack. They are not very sturdy. I serve mine right out the fridge. Anyone else?
Nancy September 3, 2018
Agree with insulated carrier (bag, box, whatever).
Also, an idea from some of my recipes for chocolate fridge cake...freeze for a few hours, to give it sturdiness, then if/when it thaws a bit on the road, it will still be cool when you arrive.
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