Urgent....my recipe calls for lemon extract & lemon zest. I have do not have either but i have lemon juice

Joyce Allen Stephenson


Nancy September 4, 2018
Agree with Smaug and HLA.
Another way to figure replacements is think of the request ingredients as concentrated, stable, not acidic FLAVORING, not necessarily LEMON.
Then go with a replacement by flavor (not lemon juice for extract & zest):
cinnamon oil/extract and flaked or shaved cinnamon bark,
vanilla extract and/or beans,
other citrus extract & zest (orange, lime)
fruit extract & a few pieces of the fruit (coconut, banana, raspberry)
nut extract and a few pieces of the nut (hazelnut, almond).
But yes, if you wanted a lemon loaf, go shopping and then make the recipe as written.
hardlikearmour September 3, 2018
I agree with Smaug - go with vanilla or almond. Lemon juice in this application won't give the flavor you're looking for.
Smaug September 3, 2018
Unfortunately, while these things share a lot of flavor characteristics lemon juice is very acidic while lemon oil- the flavor element in both zest and extract, is ph neutral, making substitutions quite problematic. If lemon isn't a major factor in the taste yo might be able to skip it or sub in vanilla or something, but probably you need to go to the store.
hardlikearmour September 3, 2018
Lemon juice won't be a good substitute, and may cause problems. What is the recipe?
Joyce A. September 3, 2018
Smaug September 3, 2018
Yeah, really need to go to the store. If they don't have extract, you could use more zest. I usually stock lemon oil, which is much more powerful than most extracts; I get it at Sur La Table- the brand is Boyajian. They also have lime and orange oil- I find the orange particularly useful.
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