What oil is the best to use for high heat cooking?

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meganvt01 October 18, 2011
I like peanut oil for frying, if I know I'm going to be cranking up the heat to get extra crispy twice cooked fries. But I think you always have to balance the loss of flavor when moving to an oil that is more suited for very high heats. Just make sure your use really requires super high heat before you change oils, I find that almost everything I do works with olive oil.
em-i-lis October 18, 2011
I use peanut or safflower oil as well.
Hank H. October 18, 2011
Refined peanut oil 450°F 232°C
Refined Safflower oil 450°F 232°C
Semirefined sesame oil 450°F 232°C
Refined soy oil 450°F 232°C
Semirefined sunflower oil 450°F 232°C
Olive pomace oil 460°F 238°C
Extra light olive oit 468°F 242°C
Soybean oil 495°F 257°C
Safflower oil 510°F 266°C
Avocado oil 520°F 271°C

Highly refined Avocado oil probably has the highest smoke point.

Safflower, Soybean and peanut oils are probably more practical. Btw, the more refined and filtered an oil is, the higher it's smoke point and less flavor it has.
WileyP October 18, 2011
It depends on what you are going to cook and how hot you want it to be. Generally speaking, I use peanut oil and safflower oil for hot stuff as they have a 450° smoke point. To see a whole list of smoke points, go to http://www.goodeatsfanpage.com/CollectedInfo/OilSmokePoints.htm
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