Hi all. Is there a way to make edible paper at home? I need to make a book with pages that i'll draw on and people can eat.

Something that lasts longer ...2 months minimum. On which I can paint write....and looks just like paper. Cant seem to find a recipie for Wafer paper and frosting paper online.

Kaushani Patel


Nancy October 2, 2018
Must it be homemade?
Bakery supply houses and several retailers sell various edible papers online.
Jennifer W. October 1, 2018
Maybe you can figure out a way to use filo pastry in a pinch?
Miss_Karen September 20, 2018
Check with your local bakeries. They use something like this frequently. Perhaps you can purchase some 'paper'.
BerryBaby September 12, 2018
The only edible paper that I know of is rice paper. Check online for options...not sure you can draw on rice paper it's like cellophane.
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