Brigadeiro Help!

I'm making these sweets and the batter tastes delicious and i can form it into little balls and cover in sprinkles but when I put it on a plate or wax paper it just blobs out. I can't imagine how they would stack up in a container like the picture. Any ideas? I refrigerated it for a few hours while I went to see a movie.

  • Posted by: missb503
  • December 22, 2015


Smaug December 22, 2015
I cooked them the full forty minutes; I'm pretty sure they would have formed as soon as cool, but I was working on something else and put the batter (?) away overnight in the refrigerator. It was a bit difficult to work with (pretty stiff), but formed and held the sprinkles nicely. I didn't try stacking them (I put them in tiny paper cupcake cups as suggested), but I'm sure it wouldn't have been a problem.
Patty K. December 22, 2015
It took several days in my fridge for them to harden on the outside enough so they would stack. Next time I think we'll both have to cook them longer on the stovetop so they don't blob out as much.
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