Can you freeze crepes?

I want to make a bunch of crepes today (like, 50) to be eaten on Saturday morning. Will they freeze well? Should I separate them with parchment paper? How should I reheat them? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Catherine Lamb


Catherine L. July 2, 2014
Thank you, guys! This is so helpful.
amysarah July 2, 2014
Whenever I make crepes, I purposely make much more than needed to freeze - between wax paper, well wrapped (so thin edges don't dry/crack.) They defrost in the fridge very quickly. When my children were young, crepes were one of my 'money in the bank' freezer caches - reheated quickly in a pan, folded over jam, nutella, cheese, or my favorite: butter, squeeze of lemon and crunchy sugar. Once you're making a bunch of crepes, an extra dozen or so isn't much more work.
ChefJune July 2, 2014
Not only can you freeze them, but they do very well after being frozen. I separate mine with waxed paper, but parchment would probably do as well. I would thaw them in the fridge rather than risk ruining them in the microwave later.

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savorthis July 2, 2014
I freeze them with wax paper in between each layer and will cook them just a bit less- so they are not yet browned. They will thaw in the fridge or you can defrost in the microwave (I do just little spurts of time on low power). Since I usually stuff mine, I reheat by putting one in a pan, adding stuffing and then rolling up. You can also stuff, roll and reheat in the pan if your stuffing is not too runny.
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