What are some recipes in with the measurements can be flexible

I have to do some homework questions on baking, but I’ve never made recipes and such, I also have a question where it asks what recipes require accurate measurements

Abi Gordon


Stephanie B. September 16, 2018
Honestly, I'd say the amount of acceptable leeway often depends on how particular the baker/cook is. Even within the realm of baking you can have vastly different amounts of flexibility. Bread baking can be very intuitive and flexible, things like tea/loaf cakes (think banana bread) can have surprising amounts of variability and still yield a good cake, and something like homemade marshmallow can be ruined if the cooking temp is off by as little as 2 degrees F (I speak from personal experience on the ruined marshmallow).
pierino September 15, 2018
Practically everything except pastry. However fairly precise cooking temptures may still be important to your dish

Nancy September 16, 2018
Agree. If you have time, library access etc, look for Michael Ruhlman book called Ratio, which shows the proportions of ingredients (rather than strict amounts) that make up many dishes.
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