Hominy/posole in pressure cooker

I'm planning to cook hominy/posole in my instant pot after a 2 min boil and 1 hour soak. Does anyone know how long it should go in IP after the soak? Googling is not coming up with many consistent answers. It is supposed to cook about 3 hours on the stovetop after a soak. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Jessica
  • September 28, 2018


Lori T. October 1, 2018
I generally use 1 cup of the soaked hominy with 1 quart of broth, and set the IP for 35-40 minutes at high pressure. After that time, I let off the pressure and check to make sure it has bloomed. It should also be tender, but still have a bit of bite left, which lets it cook with the rest of the stew without disintegrating. Sometimes, I guess if the corn is dryer, it can take a few minutes longer.
Jessica October 2, 2018
Thanks, I'll give that a shot next time.
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