Still struggling to add photos to a published recipe

The add photo page, which appears after the publish recipe page, appears to only allow you to add one photo to a recipe. Is this correct? After you upload your one photo, should you then go to My Recipes, find your published recipe and then add additional photos from the button next to edit recipe? I'm sure this is all very obvious, but it's not totally clear to me. I would love to have the ability to upload more than one photo at a time on the add photo page. I loved how we could do that on the old food52 site. I have a few more photos to add to a published recipe entered in the current contest, but I guess I have to wait until it is out of the test kitchen?



lorigoldsby November 6, 2011
Kristen--i will email you my pic. It was "only 1.14 mp" but i also got the error page. Tried to attatch it the second time as a tif, but still no luck. We really appreciate you guys working on this!
Kristen M. November 5, 2011
Hey everyone -- if you could email me the images that you were unable to upload to your recipes, it will help our developers figure out the issue (and if you haven't been able to get a smaller version up yet, they might be able to add them for you!). Please email them to [email protected] -- thank you!
Kristen M. November 4, 2011
Burnt Offerings -- what happens when you try to add your photos? Does it give you our error page? Have you checked back on your recipes after the fact, to see if the photo ultimately showed up -- that's happened to me a couple times, which isn't good, but at least it would help us understand the issue. And one more time -- what's your browser/OS?
Cookinginvictoria& sdebrango -- I hear you! I'd like that functionality back too, but first we have to focus on making sure 1 picture can be uploaded at a time consistently, then we'll work on more than 1. (Baby steps.)
Burnt O. November 4, 2011
I get "requested entity is too large". Mac / Safari. Just tried it again - no dice.
drbabs November 4, 2011
The same thing has happened to me, Kristen. I get a "file too large" message. I also use a mac, and have tried both safari and firefox.
Kristen M. November 5, 2011
Sorry about this -- I wonder if it might work if you reduce your photo size even further. Ours are typically 566 pixels across now, and in the 215 KB range -- quite small, which is okay for web. It might help in the meantime, until we can figure out the file uploading issue -- let me know if it works!

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Burnt O. November 4, 2011
I can't add photos either. Even one as small as 1.1 MB
Anitalectric October 28, 2011
I had the same problem. Then, after reading about it on the hotline, I made the second image much smaller than usual (in size and photo quality) and it worked. The file was 200KB. It still looked pretty good. Hope this helps.
sdebrango October 28, 2011
I miss that also and I also miss that we could vote on a photo, there doesn't seem to be a way to pick which photo we want seen first or I guess I am saying there is no way to pick the order of the photo's. Maybe I am wrong about this or missed something. When I added a photo that I liked better than the previous I had to delete the photo in order to have the other photo be the first seen. Does that make sense?
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