Over roasted cashews.

I over roasted cashews they're not totally burnt just over done for eating by the handful. Is there anything I can make that calls for over roasted cashews?

Raul Alvarez


Lost_in_NYC October 4, 2018
1) chop them up to use in a salad
2) Empellon's cashew salsa!
Nancy October 2, 2018
Or make a variation on Thai peanut sauce, using the cashews as the nut.
Alyssa October 3, 2018
I do this often, and it's delicious!
Ttrockwood October 2, 2018
You could chop them up well and use in a granola (add after baking the granola), or as a garnish for soup, yogurt, oatmeal, salad.... anywhere you want that crunchy nutty flavor.
Alexandra V. October 1, 2018
Savory cashew butter would be great... depending on the amount you have, brown a shallot in olive oil, add cashews shallot and oil a lil salt and whiz in a food processor, add more oil if it's too chunky, use as a vegan spread on basically anything, my fav is on a veggie sandwich.
Emma L. October 1, 2018
I bet that extra-toasty, almost-bitter flavor would be great in a salty-sweet brittle! https://food52.com/blog/18996-nut-brittle-the-candy-for-the-chocolate-hater-who-you-love-despite-that
Raul A. October 1, 2018
Awesome thank you so much :)
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