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I am making palmiers, crostini, pita chips (to go with a white bean dip), and cashews that get tossed with brown sugar, rosemary, cayenne, and a few other spices (it's a barefoot contessa recipe). How far in advance can I bake each item? I'd like to get it done as ahead of time as possible.

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • September 20, 2013


Topquality E. September 20, 2013
I'd wait as long as i could for the palmiers and crustini. The pita chips can be done well in advance and as long as your sugar is minimal and properly stored they will be fine being prepared days ahead
bugbitten September 20, 2013
All great answers! If it were my party, I'd do the nuts first, then the pita chips, probably on the same piece of parchment. I'd do the bruchetta mix ahead and keep it draining (wait are you just doing crostini?...never mind.) For the crostini, I'd buy an extra loaf of bread in case the worst happens. About two hours before the guests arrove, I'd make ghee for no reason except that it makes the house aroma heaven. Then just keep the glasses full. Best
David September 20, 2013
Air tight is the key especially if you live someplace humid. But worst case on the day of the party you can crisp them up in a warm oven. I say go ahead and make them.
ATG117 September 20, 2013
I have them prepped. I'd just really like to bake them off, so it's off my head
ATG117 September 20, 2013
How far in advance can I bake the palmiers?
amysarah September 20, 2013
I usually prep and freeze them (as above) but don't bake until just before serving. I guess you could bake them off earlier in the day, then reheat for a few minutes before serving - but I don't think that sounds much more convenient, since they're pretty quick in the oven to begin with.
amysarah September 20, 2013
Palmiers work well ahead, frozen. I roll out the puff pastry, fill, roll and slice, then freeze on sheet pans (once frozen, they can go in ziploc freezer bags.) They can go right from the freezer onto parchment lined pans; quickly brush w/egg wash, and bake off as you need them. There are many filling options, but pesto/parm; prosciutto w/honey mustard or fig jam; and cheddar w/chutney all work well.
ATG117 September 20, 2013
Thanks To you both!
David September 20, 2013
I probably should have added a little detail for crostini. If your party is small enough baking as close to party time is always optimal. And yes you would never want to top your crostini until hours before the party but I've found that if you toast and brush with oil and allow to cool completely and then put in airtight containers they will keep at room temperature for 3 days without turning hard. If you want to prepare them a week ahead, slice and toast, allow to come to room temperature, freeze in ziploc bags and the day of the party, thaw and put your olive oil in a spray bottle and mist the crostini and then salt and pepper. Feel free to call caterers in your area and ask them.
EmilyC September 20, 2013
Hi ATG117 -- I agree with David that the nuts and pita chips could be made in advance. I might do them 2 days ahead of your event. I've never had great luck in prepping crostini much in advance of serving. Even with a good coating of olive oil, the bread (w/out topping) often turns to hockey pucks after sitting out for a few hours -- and if you add your topping, it could turn soggy. Do you by chance have the Zuni Cafe cookbook? If I recall correctly, there's a good description in there about crostini -- how far in advance you can prep, the ideal temperature for baking, and how long you can hold them before serving.
David September 20, 2013
I think the pita chips, crostini and nuts can be made a week out.
I would make the palmiers within a day or two unless you wanted to freeze them.
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