I inadvertly left two packages of chicken on the counter overnight. It doesn't smell and I really hate to throw out so much chicken. Thoughts please.


Helen Drezner


PHIL October 22, 2018
I would throw it out for sure but wondering if you cooked it in a soup would that kill any pathogens? Anybody know ?
Smaug October 21, 2018
Most cooks in most places in most times wouldn't dream of throwing it out unless there was some obvious problem, but most Americans today can afford to be cautious; probably best to do so.
Mendonoma October 21, 2018
I agree that it is best to throw out the chicken but...how cold was your kitchen overnight?
Ttrockwood October 18, 2018
Garbage immediately.
Think of it as paying someone the value of the chicken to NOT get really sick, potentially miss days of work and spend quality time with your bathroom and potentially urgent care.
And no, no matter how much or how long you cook it it will still not be safe.
denise M. October 17, 2018
whenever in doubt , always throw out..!!!!
learned that from my mother.
cranberry October 17, 2018
Did the chicken start the night frozen? Was it still pretty cold in the morning? If not, then bye-bye. Poultry or fish or ground meat, I'd never recommend eating if it was at room temp all night. A solid cut of red meat, though, I would consider.
Laura C. October 17, 2018
Definitely throw it away, salmonella (and other food born illnesses) don't necessarily have an odor.
alygator October 17, 2018
I would not eat it and I would never serve it to someone else. Sorry - I have done something similar and it is so frustrating! But ultimately not worth the risk.
Emma L. October 17, 2018
Aw! Sorry that happened, Helen. Any chance the chicken frozen? If so, depending on how thawed/cold it was in the morning, it might still be okay. If not, I'd toss it...not worth getting sick!
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