Suggestions on calming down heat in red sauce ?

Made a red sauce that is too spicy for my kids? How can I save it or use it?

  • Posted by: Lara
  • October 17, 2018


dkv October 17, 2018
Try oat milk or, if you can find it, oat cream/yogurt. It will act like the dairy and neutralize the heat. Coconut yogurt might work too, but test it on a small batch to ensure you’re not making coconutty sauce!
boulangere October 17, 2018
Some olive oil will let the heat dissipate across your palate (and theirs) more readily, diminishing its perception.
Nancy October 17, 2018
Or cook some potatoes in the sauce.
Then remove and serve them to adults.
Then taste sauce and see If it is tamed enough forctge childrens taste.
The potatoes will (as in patates bravas) have absorbed some of the heat.
Smaug October 17, 2018
Sugar will to a great extent counteract it, and the kids might approve, but I wouldn't really recommend it.
HalfPint October 17, 2018
I would make another batch of the sauce and dilute the spicy sauce.
Lara October 17, 2018
Should have added, but be dairy, gluten, egg, nut and soy free
Emma L. October 17, 2018
Hey Lara! Some cream or butter should tone down the spice.
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