Meringue - Looking for Ash/cotton candy Consistency

I had a meringue cookie at Maison del Castelnau in Chicago that was so light and crisp that it dented when you touched it! It looked like regular meringue, but the consistency was ten times lighter than normal meringue. The interior wasn't chewy, the outside and inside were the same-- dry and light-crisp , almost like a firm sugar ash that melted in your mouth like cotton candy! There was no bite or crunch at all, and no moist chewy interior. None. The type of meringue I'm talking about is so delicate that it cannot be picked up by the edge or it breaks apart. It was elegant beyond belief. Does anybody know how this magic happened and what the recipe looks like to get this lighter than air, non-chewy, light crisp that dents when you touch it? The place closed, I assume so that the baker can cook for French royalty.

Bill Lynn


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