Will a dried meringue frosting keep a cavity in a cookie dry?

Cookie: vanilla sugar cookie cut-outs
Scenario: 3 layers 'sandwiched' together; center layer would create cavity.
Would the interior of the cavity stay 'bone dry' if sealed with a layer of meringue frosting, as used for gingerbread-house glue?

  • Posted by: T E
  • February 2, 2020


T E. February 3, 2020
Thank you for the responses. It was, in fact, royal icing that I was referring to; just couldn't draw up the name in the moment.

I am toying with an idea for a 3-layer, sugar-cookie cut-out that would hide a surprise in the center layer cavity. It would need to be completely dry, as the intended contents would not do well with any moisture in there. More thoughts?
Nancy February 4, 2020
TE - following up on creamtea's question, could you please tell us what sort of thing you want to hide and (thus) how dry it needs to be?
Yes to HalfPint's idea of royal icing.
If you need drier than that, consider also using an airtight container (bag or box) for the special insert and designing the confection to encase it.
HalfPint February 3, 2020
I would use royal icing since it dries hard. It's what people use as glue for gingerbread houses.
creamtea February 3, 2020
An interesting idea, but since meringue is usually subject to humidity I think it would as likely absorb moisture over time from a filling rather than prevent the cookie layer from doing so. Perhaps you could give us a more specific idea of what type of cookie and filling combinaition you are thinking of making and whether there is an issue you're trying to avoid?
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