How long does it bake?



baber March 11, 2011
The original recipe did not call for the pasty to be pre-cooked, and the bottom sheet was always raw w/ only the top of the top sheet actually browning.

By pre cooking the pastry fully before assembling you get the best of both worlds - crisp pastry and hot filling. If you're really feeling daring you can broil the bottom layer after you put the cheese on to really make it gooey. Make sure you let it rest for a few minutes though or it's impossible to slice (major tectonic shiftage).

The only time you should put the whole thing in the oven is if you want to assemble it last minute and your onions are chilled. Honestly it heats up astoundingly well so I'd recommend just fully prepping it the day before and heating it in a low oven the day of service [300 for 1h].
ChefDaddy March 10, 2011
Sorry, I misread. That was before he change it. don't listen to me. What was I thinking anyway Betteirene is always right!
ChefDaddy March 10, 2011
The first sentance says that the puff is "NOT" blind baked. But it does say follow the direction on the box.
betteirene March 10, 2011
The puff pastry is blind-baked. Step 12 instructs the cook to "follow the directions on the box."
Kristen M. March 10, 2011
Hi there, I believe baber's intent was that you'd just follow the baking directions on the package of frozen puff pastry you choose -- but it should probably take about 10-15 minutes and be nicely browned, thoroughly firm and dry to the touch. It doesn't get baked again after it's assembled.
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