What is the best store bought puff pastry sheet?

I am making the wildly interesting arugula wild mushroom tart and not sure I'll have time to make the crust

Claire Leggett


Happygoin November 15, 2018
Not hard at all...but it IS time-consuming.
tmcouts November 15, 2018
I have bought PF puff dough and brought it home to find a shattered mess when I opened it. Don't know if that is a problem with other brands, but puff dough is a brittle product subject to mishandling during transit (not only consumer to store, but in the transportation cycle from production facility to store). I just learned to make my own. Even using the highest quality ingredients, its much less expensive than store bought and really isn't hard at all.
Michele November 10, 2018
Definitely Dufour. While a bit expensive it is wonderful to work with and the results are always excellent.
Happygoin November 10, 2018
I’ll add my thanks too, Dona. I’ve only ever used Dufour or made my own. Dufour is expensive, and sometimes you just don’t Feel like making puff pastry. I’ll def try TJ’s.
Dona November 9, 2018
Trader Joe’s has an all butter puff pastry that’s really good. And a great price.
SMSF November 9, 2018
Dona, so glad to see you vouch for the TJ's puff pastry. It's a new item that I planned to try this fall and now I definitely will!
Ella Q. November 8, 2018
Hi Claire! We like Dufour. Many grocers have it, it also seems to be available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Classic-Puff-Pastry-Dough-frozen/dp/B003YHKKCO?tag=food52-20
Smaug November 8, 2018
The pate brise is pretty fast- faster than going out puff pastry shopping- and will make a totally different crust. For what it's worth, Pepperidge Farms is the only frozen puff pastry my grocer carries; it works well, but contains no butter and doesn't really have much flavor.
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