What is the best store bought puff pastry sheet?

I am making the wildly interesting arugula wild mushroom tart and not sure I'll have time to make the crust

Claire Leggett


Regine November 8, 2018
I googled Trader Joe’s. It says:
Trader Joe's puff pastry is made with just five ingredients: flour, butter, salt, sugar, and water. The flavor is so rich and buttery.

As for Pepperidge Farm, it may be more flaky but the flavor is bland compared to Trader Joe’s because it (PF) is made with vegetable oils instead
of butter. But I have eaten many dishes made with PF, and the result is still good. I say if you cannot find TJ, and don’t want to spend the $ for Dufour, use PF.
Regine November 8, 2018
Pepperidge Farm does not have butter like Trader Joe’s but it is still very decent. Dufour can be found at Whole Foods but Trader Joe’s is much cheaper.
HalfPint November 8, 2018
Before there was a Trader Joe's puff pastry, there was, and still is, Dufour puff pastry. Both Dufour and TJ make their puff pastry with butter and it makes a difference. I can't vouch for any other commercial brands (I'm looking at you, Pepperidge Farms).

If you don't have access to either, look at the ingredients. Should have about 5: flour, butter, water, salt, and maybe sugar. There should be butter as the fat and only butter. Seriously, anything made with oils doesn't even taste that good.
Regine November 8, 2018
But if you cannot find Trader Joe’s, Pepperidge Farm is fine. However, when it comes to flavor, Trader Joe’s is best because it is made with butter. But if the highlight of your dish is the filling, which is often the case with puff pastry dishes, it might not matter.
Regine November 8, 2018
Trader Joe’s
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