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The holiday kitchen equipment sales are coming! What are your favorite resources for reviews on kitchen equipment? I've used Consumer Reports and Cooks Illustrated, and Wirecutter. I'm sceptical of product reviews on Amazon since vendors can enlist people to post reviews in their favor. Would love to know any resources you think well of. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • November 10, 2018


Smaug November 12, 2018
I don't suppose Food 52 is really searching for more complicated interactive columns for their site, but it might be worthwhile to have a place where readers can discuss their experiences with equipment, maybe with ratings and advice on how to get the most out of it.

I'm not so quick as some to dismiss Amazon reviews- some of them may be phony, and a great many of them are written by idiots, but those aren't that hard to spot-if you're willing to spend some time on them- and the questions- there is often a good deal of information.
BerryBaby November 12, 2018
A few more notes...a counter size refrigerator is short on inside space. Also if you get water and ice in the door, cuts down on inside storage.
We opted, with this second fridge, full size, freezer on bottom with ice maker, no water/ice dispenser so no more filters (they are costly to replace) and could not be happier.
Pegeen November 12, 2018
And another one... the Sweet Home reviews on
Pegeen November 11, 2018
Thank you everyone, very helpful. I just found another one: New York magazine's "The Strategist."
Nancy November 10, 2018
Other possible sources:
1) user reviews at hardware or discount stores, where uses care (more) about value for money than do those at some fancier retail outlets
2) discussion boards run by and for cooks
3) kitchen supply stores and their customers
Nancy November 10, 2018
should read "where users care"
BerryBaby November 10, 2018
Consumer Reports. Two months ago purchased a new fridge (old fridge wasn't even two years old). We didn't research the first fridge..we went on friends experiences. Big oops! Checked it out and CR rated it poorly, which we agree.
Bought an LG and yes, we checked CR and highly rated. We love it!
MMH November 12, 2018
I totally agree with Berry Baby. It’s important to know that CR does not accept advertising and their recommendations are not influenced by anything but their independent testing. I’ve used them for years for everything from cars to kitchen appliances. I think the subscription is $12/year - well worth it.
702551 November 10, 2018
Serious Eats

Often they try several vendors and offer their top recommendations at different price points or mention specific models based on certain functionality.

Their social media posts occasionally announce significant price drops at online retailers.
Pegeen November 10, 2018
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