A question regarding Green Bean Casserole With 4 Ingredients (None of Them Canned)? This recipe needs to travel - Can I reheat in the oven? What temp?

If it can be reheated, would I be able to make it the night before?

Nicole Schwartz


Emma L. November 16, 2018
Hi Nicole! I haven't tried reheating this dish in the oven, but that should work fine. I'd go with a lower temperature (like 325°F) and heat until it's *just* warmed through—this way you don't disturb the cream sauce or overcook the green beans.
Nicole S. November 16, 2018
Thank you so much for getting back to me! Do you think it would be alright to make this the night before and store in the fridge? We have a 2 hour drive, so it would get to 'room temp' by the time we arrived for gentle re-heating... Or would the cream be damaged? Happy Thanksgiving!
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