Roasted Brussels - pre-roast and they’re soggy when I get there. Cook there and I take up the oven. Any other options?

I can’t figure out how to bring roasted Brussels sprouts to my mother in law’s. I don’t want to take up her oven by cooking them there but don’t want them to be soggy if I cook them at home and bring them there later either. Any other options?

Stacy Schultz


Nancy November 19, 2018
Roast and put them in a salad, a la Momfuku recipe. Delicious. No softness. No need for hostess oven.
Nancy November 19, 2018
By David Chang, spelled "Momofuku"
MMH November 19, 2018
I often run them under the broiler as leftovers which wouldn’t take long when you get to her house.
Emma L. November 19, 2018
Hi Stacy! Here's a "pot stuck" Brussels sprouts recipe that tastes great at any temperature:

If you're open to switching to a raw Brussels sprouts recipe, that would travel really well. Here are a couple great options:

Finally, you could follow whatever roasted Brussels sprouts recipe you were planning to use, leave them on the sheet tray (this way they're spread out, avoiding excess sogginess), then give them a quick toast under the broiler at your mother-in-law's. That wouldn't take too much time (and sometimes the broiler is even a separate space than the oven).

Hope this helps, and happy Thanksgiving!
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