How far in advanced can you make yogurt whipped cream

Elizabeth N.


Victoria M. November 20, 2018
We would suggest earlier that day to the day before. Definitely make sure the whipped cream is in an airtight container, so it does not absorb dreaded Fridge Smells. The higher the fat content in the yogurt the "sturdier" the whipped cream will be! If it does separate slightly, I would give it a quick wisk before serving. A little birdie told me she likes to slightly under whip it initially to leave room to perk it up before serving.
Elizabeth N. November 20, 2018
Victoria, Thanks so very much. I appreciate it!
Victoria M. November 20, 2018
Great question, Elizabeth! I am hunting down a "Genius" answer that would make Kristen Miglore proud. Stay tuned for my response in a few minutes.
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