Split cream in pumpkin pie filling

Hi. I was blending my pumpkin pie filling and it must have been too high beacuse the cream split. Is it ruined or will it melt into the filling when cooked?

  • Posted by: katers
  • November 21, 2018


jeanbean November 23, 2023
This just happened to me, because I had the pumpkin purée in a food processor in the fridge, and then didn’t let it come to room temp. The cream (Smitten Kitchen recipe) curdled after a few minutes of blending and tasting. I threw the ingredients in a pan and whisked at a low temp, until the mixture came back together. Just took the pie out, and it looks totally fine. Taste: TBD
katers November 22, 2018
Excuse all the weird typos. I have a dual finger injury so iphone typing compromised.
katers November 22, 2018
If anyone is curiois, i heated up a little. It in a pan to see what would happen. The broken cream specks and butter blended into the puree and looked like it should. The pie is almost done baking and it looks totally normal. So yay!
Thank you Food52 for being there and Happy Thanksgiving!
katers November 21, 2018
Thank you. Here is the link. I’ve made this several times, but this time I blended it because the pumpkin was not smooth enough with a new blender.
Joanna S. November 21, 2018
Do you have the recipe? Would love to take a look if so, to see if there’s any way to potentially repair the broken custard.
katers November 21, 2018
Thank you! I’ll go for it and see what happens. I’ll at the very least learn something.
Happy Thanksgiving!
katers November 21, 2018
Thank you for the reaponse. The filling has little pieces of butter in it and speaks of cream that separated.
I used a fresh pumpkin so redo would be hard as I only had 1.
Cory B. November 21, 2018
Oh no that stinks! I'm so sorry that happened. If it's all you've got, I'd just go for it and see how it turns out...or maybe run out and grab a can of Libby's? Good luck!
Cory B. November 21, 2018
Hi Katers!

Sorry for the delay — I'm trying to find an answer for you :)
Cory B. November 21, 2018
When you say the cream "split" do you mean it curdled? Or by cream do you mean the pumpkin pie custard filling? (I've never experienced something like this so am trying to imagine exactly what happened here.) To be on the safe side, I'd start over, and whisk by hand the old-fashioned way so you don't waste your crust if it all goes south. I hope that helps!
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