Since you offer both Smithey and Field skillets, please share which one you would recommend (I have used Lodge for several years). Thanks.

Dave Ellison
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1 Comment

Tina November 25, 2018
Hi Dave,

Thanks for reaching out! I'm the Buyer for Kitchen here at Food52. Both products are the absolute top of the line in terms of classic American cast iron. I would say the main differences are in regards to the weight, finishing, and sizing offerings. Smithey is a heavier pan with a thicker base, so it's great if you're looking for superior searing. Field can still get an excellent sear, but is a little less heavy duty. The lighter weight of Field makes it much easier to lift and maneuver, however (which many also love). In regards to finish, Smithey has an incredibly glassy smooth surface. Field is very smooth (far smoother than a Lodge), but a little less glassy (it feels more satiny, if that makes sense). Lastly, Field is only available in 8.75″ skillet, while you can go up to larger sizes in Smithey (12"). Smithey also comes with a free leather potholder for this weekend only (I believe there are a bout 20 left!), just so you are aware as well.

Hopefully this was helpful and I'm happy to answer any more questions you may have. Overall, both are great choices and think it all depends on the weight and surface you're looking for!
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