When preparing a double amount of a recipe which cannot fit into a single pan, is it better to use two pans or to or make 2 consecutive batches?

I want to make a double batch of chicken francaise for company. A single batch will fit into my skillet, but I am unsure whether to make successive batches in the same skillet or use two skillets - one for each batch. The potential implication is in making the sauce and then simmering the chicken in the sauce.

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1 Comment

Lori T. February 1, 2021
I guess I'm a bit confused. The recipe I know for making Chicken Francaise requires you to bread and shallow fry the cutlets until done. Then they are kept warm while you make the sauce. You don't simmer the chicken in the sauce, it's pour over the cutlets just before serving. Since that is the usual order, there is no reason why you couldn't make the sauce up ahead of time, and even get the cutlets pre-breaded and ready to saute ahead of time. The cutlets only take a short time to cook, during which you could reheat the sauce. You can use both skillets to do the cutlet frying if you like, to speed matters up, or you can cook in successive batches while keeping the first warm in the oven.
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