Fruit and vegetables carving on topic power of speech

I have a competition of fruits and vegetables carving and the topic we have given is power of speech. Please suggest some ideas on what to carve and how to.

Bhuvan Sardana


BakerBren November 27, 2018
The first thing that comes to my mind is a base such as squash or melon carved into a face or at least a mouth, with a series of intricate, contrasting, and graduated (largest first, smallest last) flowers/botanicals carved from various fruits/vegs rising from the mouth. Based on my experience carving and making such showpieces, this is just my first practical idea that matches your theme as I understand it. I recommend brainstorming as many ideas as you can, then keep going as that is when your best ideas will appear. Think abstractly! Good luck!
Nancy November 27, 2018
It's a huge topic.
First thing I'd do is define it, then work out visuals.
E.g., free speech, persuasive oratory, commercial speech.
Or if you have a visual concept, work out its description before you start carving.
Smaug November 27, 2018
Unfortunately, I have no clue (papaya parrots?) but you do get my early nomination for question of the week.
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