spent grain quick bread

I'm looking for a recipe for a good spent grain beer bread - ideally a quick bread, ideally with cheese in it. Has anyone come across such a recipe?

  • Posted by: Imogen
  • December 1, 2018


PieceOfLayerCake December 2, 2018
That seems relatively easy to adapt....I would just use a good cheese bread recipe and just add a good amount of well drained spent grains. You could also substitute the liquid in the recipe with some good, dark beer (50% of the liquid would be sufficient I believe), like stout. I make a spent grain bread, but its a naturally leavened, lean bread....and its anything but quick. Sorry I don't have an actual recipe, but I think its a relatively simple adaptation.
Stephanie B. December 2, 2018
Would you be willing to share the recipe, or at least baker's percentages of your spent grain bread?
PieceOfLayerCake December 2, 2018
100% flour (80;10 bread flour; whole wheat), 25% levain, 75 - 80% hydration (50/50 water and stout beer), 2% salt, 15% spent grain.

The percentages (without the stout and spent grain) are my basic country bread ratios....I usually just start with that and adapt it to additions.
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