If you were making a relish with beets, red cabbage, apple cider vinegar and horseradish, would you add any herb or spice to it? I have a recipe that calls for sage, but that doesn't sound appealing to me at all (I'm not crazy about sage, except in several limited circumstances), and I don't care for caraway, which one sometimes sees with red cabbage. Or maybe, it doesn't need anything at all? Mustard seeds? A few (very few) cloves? Your thoughts? Thanks so much. ;o)



amysarah September 25, 2010
I guess it would depend on what the relish is meant to accompany? Sounds like it would go well with something porky - maybe a pork loin, roasted with....? If so, you might want to pick up an herb/spice used there (like a small amount of rosemary) to meld the flavors. Otherwise, to be honest I don't know that you'd need to add anything, beyond S&P. Sounds like the relish already has a good spectrum of intense flavor - sweetness from the beets, acid from the vinegar, heat/pungency from the horseradish - another element might be overkill. Maybe just some chopped chives for color and a dash of onion-ness?
Sami September 25, 2010
Maybe something smoky like a teeny bit of paprika, or use smoked salt instead of plain? Horseradish goes well with smoky flavors, and the acid will keep it from getting out of hand.

Cumin goes well with beets, but I don't know about the rest.
aargersi September 24, 2010
I might try some fresh dill ...
Ellen G. September 24, 2010
SallyCan September 23, 2010
Fresh or bottled horseradish? I'd see how it tastes alone, and if it needs anything, go with the mustard, or maybe with allspice, depending what you're after. Might need a pinch of sugar/other sweetener, too.
drbabs September 23, 2010
Hi AJ--I might add some chives and parsley--I agree that sage is unappealing and I don't like caraway at all. You could also consider adding cinnamon if you're trying to bring out some sweetness. Maybe some celery seed? (or leaves? I love celery leaves as an herb.) Sounds delicious just as it is.
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