Lemon vebena - Uses other than tea?

Got two big bunches of lemon verbena from my CSA. I love the fragrance, but for the life of me, can't figure out what it would go with. Other than making tea with it, any suggestions?



Couldn't B. March 17, 2011
Lemon verbena makes amazing ice cream and truffles. (infused in the cream in both cases) Also marshmallows.
Anitalectric March 16, 2011
Creative cocktails. When it takes over my mom's garden in the summer I muddle a bunch of the leaves with with vodka, soda, whatever citrus is around, and a squirt of agave!

You could replace the mint in mojitos with verbena, and if you get your hands on some cachaca, make some swoon-worthy caipirinhas.
ellenl March 15, 2011
The recipe referenced above--watermelon and goat cheese...---is out of this world!
Fifer March 15, 2011
I grow it in my yard specifically to use in salad, my favorite being mixed greens, fresh mozzarella, proscuitto, & fresh mango, and a lemon vinaigrette. Toss in some fresh mint leaves, as well as the lemon verbena, if you have it.
pierino March 15, 2011
Okay a shamless plug here for a great recipe I learned from my very dear friend Kim Sunee. Peaches poached in Lillet Blanc with lemon verbena. You can find it in her memoir TRAIL OF CRUMBS, which is full of great recipes.
susan G. March 15, 2011
Tie up a bundle, hang it up and let it dry, then store like any dried herb. Sounds like more than you can use in a reasonable time, and possible more to come. (But try all those wonderful suggestions... I think you can steep the herb in milk to start any kind of pudding recipe, or steep in sugar syrup for other desserts.)
ChefJune March 15, 2011
It will enhance just about any version of vanilla custard/pudding I can think of.
boulangere March 15, 2011
Infuse it into cream and make creme brulee.
MrsWheelbarrow March 15, 2011
I use lemon verbena in peach and strawberry jams. It's spectacular. And like rebeccatheduck, I've added it to ice cream, too.
rebeccatheduck March 15, 2011
i've made some really lovely ice cream with lemon verbana. Also, you could make a fish dish of some kind and make a broth with it. Or throw it in the pot when you steam mussels or clams...

If you are interested in the ice cream recipe, let me know.
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