This is a good kind of pickle. Yesterday, at A Southern Season (a fabulous store in Chapel Hill, NC), I bought some tea, or should I say tisane?, with these ingredients: lemon thyme, safe leaf, pepperment, lemon verbena and bergamot. Maybe I'll drink some, but I'm planning to cook with it. I'm thinking it'll make a great dry rub for chicken or pork and a good thing to add to various breads. Maybe infuse some oil and/or vinegar.

What would you do with it?

  • Posted by: Nora
  • December 10, 2010


Nora December 11, 2010
I like your thinking, hardlikearmour. I've also thought to use it next time I roast pecans.
hardlikearmour December 10, 2010
I would infuse it into a simple syrup. I bet it would make a great riff on a mojito, or even mixed with some sparkling water. You could also drizzle it over fresh fruit.
Nora December 10, 2010
I just liked what everyone has said so far, and I'll have to admit the truffles especially appeal. Chocolholic, you know. All good, and this will be fun. Thanks, and I hope there are more ideas coming.

iuzzini December 10, 2010
Sounds great! Maybe incorporate it into an ice cream and serve w a baked good-- I can think of many cakes, profiterole, and biscotti which would work with these flavors.
aussiefoodie December 10, 2010
I'm always intrigued by chocolate truffles infused with tea - I think would be an interesting use for it.
aargersi December 10, 2010
I would maybe poach some fish in it, use it to make some rice or maybe as the liquid to boil pasta ... I made a tea panna cotta that was delish - brew the tea into the milk and proceed ...

drbabs December 10, 2010
The first thing I'd do is drink a cup to find out what it tastes like all blended together. (It sounds yummy. ) I think that will help you figure out what else you want to do with it. I think I would like it baked into a sugar cookie.
Nora December 10, 2010
Typo--make that sage leaf.
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