What bread, roll, biscuit suits a roast beef tenderloin dinner? I was thinking popover but thought that was more fitting for a standing rib roast.

  • Posted by: mbobden
  • December 3, 2018


BakerBren December 4, 2018
Popovers sound good, but not so much if you want to make them ahead as I see mentioned. Like others suggested, challah rolls are my usual go to for dinner rolls, but there are some richer similar options that might bridge the richness gap. For example Swiss butter braid (zopf) dough is halfway to brioche from challah. The oil is replaced by soft butter and the water is replaced by milk. For that matter brioche is a nice dough for rolls. I use Jeffrey Hamelman's recipes from his book "Bread" for all of these: challah, Berne Brot (Swiss braid), and brioche. Any of them can be baked and frozen then reheated in a moderate oven at the last minute.
mbobden December 4, 2018
Thank you both for your comments. I should have added an important factor to my question... that I have to make in advance, freeze and reheat that day. A dinner roll might be more forgiving.
Nancy December 4, 2018
I've only made the flaky layered rolls fresh.
But basically all standard bread doughs (aka chopped in rounded bits and called rolls) can be frozen after first rise, then allowed to rise & be baked.
Ones I've liked most are richer doughs...for example, any challah or egg dough, any potato bread or potato rolls. Both their taste and their texture come out well from the time in the freezer.
Try any challah from this site, but especially:
and this potato bread loaf turned into rolls (from the late great James Beard)
Nancy December 4, 2018
Reread your 2nd question more closely.
Ignore what I said about freezing after 1st rise (true but not needed for your situation).
Yes, you can make, freeze, defrost and reheat the challah rolls and potato rolls.
marianne December 4, 2018
I happen to think there is no bad time to see a popover on my plate. In fact, if I did see one at any holiday dinner I’d be so happy the last thing I’d be thinking is “ hmmm, does this popover GO with this delicious tenderloin”?
Nancy December 4, 2018
Agree with marianne. Popovers welcome...
But/and the one I would love to see with a roast beef tenderloin is the layered flaky dinner roll that expands as it bakes, looks lovely, and provides plenty of surface area.
Here's one good recipe from Alton Brown:
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