Hello foodpickle any suggestions on foods that aid muscle tissue recovery the best? Thank you!



Summer O. March 17, 2011
Protein, protein. I start the weekdays with 2-3 egg whites (not very tasty but I usually add rooster sauce or maldon salt on top) and I also have a tablespoon of peanut butter 30 minutes prior to exercising and a small chunk of cheese post workout. Not a recipe, but it works for me. And, as mentioned, fish is great.
ChefDaddy March 16, 2011
And Remember to stay hydrated. Muscles need water too!
littleknitter March 16, 2011
I usually go for something with lots of protein (protein helps to rebuild muscle tissue after exercise because it is chock full of essential amino acids...it also helps you rehydrate better). Something I recently learned is that you should also eat carbohydrates with protein directly after exercise in order to maximize glycogen storage in your muscles. A post exercise fave of mine is either:
Sardines tossed with a little vinegar, garlic, and pepper over toast
A fried egg (or two) on parmesan toast with wilted greens and a dressing made with oil, lemon juice, garlic, and chopped up anchovies...a deconstructed Caesar salad, if you will.

Fish protein is always a great bet for athletes because there is a high protein ration and it contains omega 3's which make running less stressful on the body because it increases the elasticity of your blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow overall.
student E. March 16, 2011
in general, just having a snack post-work out helps! something with protein is especially good. pb&j is easy, but a more elaborate smoothie would be good too! yogurt (or milk), strawberries, banana. or chocolate and peanut butter. or you could make some scrambled eggs! i'm thinking spinach and smoked salmon, maybe a little goat cheese.
Anitalectric March 16, 2011
I am not sure about that, but at work yesterday I used Irish moss to thicken a sauce and the chef told me it is very good for strengthening cartilage in the body. FYI :)

In case anyone is curious, you buy it dry and then soak it overnight and rinse. It can be blended into anything and works like gelatin or agar except you don't have to cook it, which makes it great for raw vegan cooking.
hardlikearmour March 16, 2011
Have a post-exercise chocolate milk!
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