Do you REALLY mean to cook the pork at high pressure for 45 minutes? I've never seen a recipe where you cook anything that long!

  • Posted by: Slk
  • December 5, 2018
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1 Comment

EmilyC December 5, 2018
Hi Slk: yes, the 45 minutes is correct! In my experience, it takes at least this long for tougher cuts like pork shoulder to get meltingly tender in the Instant Pot. As a comparison, look at Instant Pot recipes for pork shoulder from Melissa Clark and others. For example, Clark's Garlicky Cuban Pork is cooked at high pressure for 80 minutes. The 45 minutes is sufficient for my recipe because I'm cutting the pork shoulder into bite-sized pieces (as opposed to leaving the shoulder whole). Hope this helps! : )
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