The recipe doesn't mention removing the bottom of the pan. I assume you do this when you remove the sides? And you need to fill with whipped cream...

... before the pan is removed, not after



Smaug December 10, 2018
I seem to have become something of a spokesman for this recipe, which I've been making for almost 40 years. I was a little disturbed that it appeared to be plagiarized, but some poking around revealed that earlier published versions attributed to Mr. Sax had some noticeable differences, and people did seem to have trouble getting the parchment off. I suppose I'll have to give it a try with the changes ( I checked versions from Bon Apetit and
Smaug December 8, 2018
Come on people, it's just a cake. Just take it out of the pan, there's nothing whatever difficult about it.
702551 December 8, 2018
Watch the video carefully. In the last few seconds, it is very clear that the slice of cake was served directly off of the springform pan base which remains on the cake plate.

While it may be possible to do as Wendy suggested and carefully slide the cake off the springform pan base, this is *NOT* what happened in the video.
Wendy December 8, 2018
I made this last night and it was an instant hit. I did not remove the bottom of the pan because I filled it with homemade mint ice cream and was too heavy so I just put it directly on the cake stand. If it’s important to you to remove it, I would use an offset spatula to loosen the parchment from the pan and slide to the serving plate.
Smaug December 8, 2018
After removing the sides, turn the cake over (on a plate or other flat object) and peel off the parchment (wax paper also works well), then reverse onto serving plate. It is best to keep the cake at room temp. and add the cream just before serving; at any rat the pan should be removed first.
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