Short ribs for Boeuf Bourguignon?

I typically make this dish with a chuck roast, but I am currently meal planning and would like to use short ribs as they fit in with the other meals for the week. Any insight on the swap? Thank you!

  • Posted by: Diari
  • December 10, 2018


Diari December 11, 2018
You’re blowing my mind, lady! 🤯🤯🤯 I never would’ve thought of this!
Smaug December 11, 2018
It's a pretty common step for braised dishes- I dislike fatty meat dishes and usually do it with pot roasts, especially. Much more effective than spooning it out or dipping ice cubes in. Fat would be a major concern for me in a short rib Bourguignon, even with this step. By the way, if you stop the cooking overnight and refrigerate the meat you are likely to find fat beading up on that, which can also be easily removed.
Nancy December 11, 2018
Sounds tasty.
If the ribs are cut smallish, I think there will be little or no difference in cooking time.
But you might need a larger pot to cook your regular size recipe.
Last, on nutrition both protein & fat differ considerably between the two cuts.
* The raw chuck has 1.5x meat and protein as the short ribs, so buy half again the short ribs that the recipe calls for. Thus, to make Julia Child's recipe to serve 4 to 6, which calls for 3 lb stewing beef, buy 4.5 lb short ribs (bone included).
* Short ribs have more (sometimes 2x) fat than chuck. Two ways to cope with this:
1) so you might want to make the a day before the planned meal, separate the stewing liquid from the solids, chill it overnight to let the fat collect on top. Then remove as much or as little fat as you want, combine skimmed liquid and solids, heat and serve.
2) Simply start the recipe by browning the ribs to render some of their fat, brown the vegetables in that and omit or reduce the oil you might usually use to brown both beef and vegetables.
Diari December 11, 2018
Thank you much! BB is typically a two day dish for me but i have never separated the stewing liquid from the solids in the dish. That is pretty brilliant!
Nancy December 11, 2018
BTW, you can use that chill & skim technique on any liquid (like chicken soup) where you want to control or separate the fat.
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