How to reheat bbq beef short ribs in the oven without drying them out?

I am making beef short ribs for 30 people using this recipe
I have to cook them the day before due to lack of time on the day of the meal so will be reheating them in the oven. What steps can I take to ensure they are still moist? It doesn't look like they will be in a lot of liquid, just some bbq sauce.

  • Posted by: NC
  • June 3, 2014


sexyLAMBCHOPx June 3, 2014
I would re-heat in a low oven, 200F for an hour and baste with any sauce or drippings.
bigpan June 3, 2014
I would consider putting the ribs in an oven proof plastic bag (usually made for cooking turkeys) and put into a water bath in the oven and bring up to the serving temp you want ... maybe 250F.
Vivi B. June 3, 2014
I agree with bigpan. I did that with some lovely steaks that I received from a chef. They had been prepped but went begging at the end of the night. I boiled water and took it off the heat and put the steaks in a bag and into the water for about 5 minutes. I flashed them on the grill after that and they were perfect.
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