Can the Sugar Cookie bar recipe be halved?

Jane Franchak
Sugar Cookie Bars
Recipe question for: Sugar Cookie Bars


Grant M. December 11, 2018
Hi Jane! Yes, the ingredients can be halved but you should bake in a smaller dish. An 8x8 baking dish would probably work nicely. My other suggestion would be to make the recipe in full and, once it's baked and cooled, cut the sheet of cookie in half. You can use one half now and wrap the other tightly in plastic wrap and freeze for later! Happy baking!
Lori T. December 11, 2018
You probably could, but then you'd run into a problem with baking pan size and baking time as a result. Sugar cookies freeze quite well, though, either baked or as dough, if wrapped well. So why not go ahead and make the full recipe, and freeze half for later?
Jane F. December 11, 2018
Good idea! Thanks for your quick reply.
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